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Nov 5, 2009
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Grand Haven
So I made a keg-o-brew for a buddy's wedding--also some bottled flip tops. I left earlier than the finishing and forgot to go back for the keg.
So it's been a couple years and, hey, what happened to my keg??? I go to retrieve and when I open it, it had a couple broken flip-top bottles in it :)no::smh:Thanks, Mark!!) that rusted due to the wire on the caps. The bottom of the keg has a think layer of rust I can't remove.

I've soaked in B-Brite hot for a night, no joy. I soaked in 190* Oxi-clean for a night, then same temp PBW for a night, no joy. So three nights with hot water and solution without luck. I'm thinking either a stronger or different type cleaner. Caustic/Alk/acid??? What will work on this rust? I know it's just a keg, but I'm determined to save only because it's a challenge. If no luck, this one will just hold Star-san with a wand for brew day purposes...
Get some barkeeper's friend (BKF) from Home Depot. Lots of other places have it. The oxalic acid will likely clean your kegs better than anything. Might need to do a little scrubbing with a stainless brillo pad thing, but I'd soak overnight first.
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I'd forgo the chemical route and just get some sandpaper. finish with 600 grit and start lower depending on how bad it is. Then do chemical cleaners to get it clean to use again
I second making BKF paste and working it with an SS-safe scrubby.
It'll knock out the rust and help passivate the keggle...

Hey, thanks guys. I have the vinegar here and will start that soak. Grab the other items tonight while out and see how the vinegar fares. My arms have a hard time reaching the bottom of the keg, so I'll try the chemical route first, then hand a potato to my girlfriend (see first link). Yes, I opened that one up for discussion, lol.

Once complete, I'll take pics of the results of the different methods and report back.