Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

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Apr 29, 2013
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Germany but from Ireland
Update…. There was 1 bottle that had firmed up and carbonated. I thought it would be an infection and maybe it was but…. I chilled it for a couple of days and it’s…. Delicious! I need to save this batch!

So, 2 weeks ago I put a sprinkle of CBC-1 yeast in each bottle and made sure they were kept at 19 to 20c. There was a little bit of vegemite smell but this has dropped right away and been replaced by cocoa and roast flavours.

Still no carbonation.

When I originally bottled them I added 1 coopers carb drop per 740ml bottle. This is usually perfect for stout. I assumed that as there had been no previous carbonation the sugar would still be there and the CBC-1 would kick off.

should I try again with some more CBC-1 and add a new carb drop?

The single carbed bottle was so good I don’t want to send the rest down the drain!

Any advice would be great fully received. Thank you.

So what did you do and did it work?

I'm still debating if I should use WLP002 or Voss.
Easier for me to keep something at 32oC with a fermiwrap and jacket than find a month free in my Kegerator to keep the WLP002 under control.


Mar 16, 2021
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Well it’s just over a year in the bottle.
After the initial addition of cbc1 the bottle (PET) firmed up a bit but not enough. I left them for a few months.
Then I added a bit more cbc1 and popped in a carb drop. This seemed to work and in 2 weeks the squeezability of the bottles was just right for a stout.
Finally tired one last week after 3 or 4 days in the fridge…..
It’s a winner!!!! Rich, smooth, syrupy, tight lasting head, toasty, coffee and powerful. Gets better the further down the glass you go. First few mouthfuls are a bit overpowering but the journey down the glass is well worth it.

Will I brew this again? Yes! Will I go through the same protracted birth as this batch? I hope not!

A good lesson to me in patience perseverance and to not be afraid to try to save a batch especially when your gut (and nose) tell you it could be worth saving.