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This is one my buddy in Charlotte tried with help from the LHBS. Just passing it along. He said it was close, but not quite spot on. Might give you a start though.

Starting Gravity 1.061
Alcohol 4.8%
Terminal Gravity 1.010
International Bittering Units 22

7lbs Light DME
1lb Crystal Malt 60L
.5lbs Crystal Malt 120L
2.5 oz Northern Brewers bittering pellet hops (45min)
1 Whirlfloc Tablet (10min)
1 oz Simcoe plug hops (2min)
Wyeast 1084 or White LAbs WLP 004
Yeah baby..... What a beer,just finished a sixer(while brewing Edwort's Haus Ale) that a friend left(he said it was too hoppy)Huh-Really??? I'm hooked ! I really like the beers being put out by Magic Hat. According to their bottle it's a seasonal brew. I like the crisp hoppiness of this brew.
I was just getting on to post the same question.What do you all think ?
I was hoping to find an A.G. recipe.
I just got done checking the Northern brewer catologue and found the "Tongue Splitter ale" thought to myself ,the description sounds much like the Roxy tastes.

Who's got our A.G. Roxy recipe ??? Thanks in advance . Shane
Magic Hat's webpage provides this information. While I personally think their beers are subpar, and not worthy of drinking, let alone cloning I'm still happy to share the information since everyones palate, and taste are unique.
Good luck and enjoy!

Roxy Rolles- Hopppy Amber ale
ABV: 5.8
SRM 34.2
Yeast: English Ale (Probably Ringwood, as that is what they use for all their other beers IIRC)
Dark Crystal
Brewers Gold, simcoe, Simcoe

If I were to hazard a guess the Brewrs gold is the Kettle hop. While Brewers Gold and Simcoe could be used for middle addtion, Simcoe late addition, and dry hopping.

Have fun!
While I'm not a HUGE fan of Magic Hat's beers, this is pretty damn good. Seems like more than 35 IBUs, it's reasonably aggressive without being over-the-top. Decent malt backbone. I bet you could get away with sneaking a little Munich in there (along with the dark crystal) for some color and balance.
Maybe my promash is screwed up, but 34.2 is showing as black. I've found this on a few different sites:

light 2.0 - 3.0
medium 3.0 - 4.5
deepstraw/gold 4.5 - 6.0
deep gold 6.0 - 7.5
light 7.5 - 9.0
copper 9.0 - 11
red/brown 11 - 14
light 14 - 17
medium 17 - 20
dark - light black 20 - 25
start of full black >25
Found a six pack of this last night, and it is pretty damn good. Maybe english malts and hop bursting used? The bitterness was smooth, and tasted malty to me. The_Bird, you're right, it is a nice darker amber color. very good beer
My opinion, it's by far the best beer that Magic Hat makes. Nicely balanced, almost-IPA. One of my favorite styles, and very well done.
Surfman said:
has anyone heard of a roxy rolles clone??

Maybe try straining the wort through a tray of used cat litter? ;) Sorry I couldn't resist but all that Chinook makes it taste pretty much like you know what.
the_bird said:
My opinion, it's by far the best beer that Magic Hat makes. Nicely balanced, almost-IPA. One of my favorite styles, and very well done.

I'll have to agree. I've never cared much for anything they make. But I saw it last night and figured a 6 was worth a try. It was new at the little corner package store.

Don't they (Magic Hat) have a very hoppy spring offering as well?
Well, I was looking for a Roxy Rolles clone and came across this. It doesn't do me any good because i am extract with steeping right now but here is what it is. I have a brewing buddy who has made it and side by side was damn near perfect.

Magic Hat Roxy Rolles American Amber Ale

6 gallon batch @ 70% efficiency

11.7 lbs English 2 row
1.39 lbs crystal 80
.84 lbs. cara munich

northern brewer (60min .65oz 8.5 alpha
Simcoe (30 min) .85oz 11.9 alpha
Simcoe (0min ) .85oz 11.9 alpha
WL#002 english ale

Mash temp 152

He called the company and got:
1.060 OG 1.020 FG
IBU 40 using brewers gold for boil hops and simcoe for both flavoring and aroma
also that they use English ale yeast and use a 1 day D-rest
Loved this beer last year, but this years didnt do it for me. Not as hoppy in my opinion, almost like a brown ale. Thought it might be old, but wasnt
Just picked up a MH variety pack, 3 each of #9, roxy rolles, Hefe, and (i think) seasonal 09. Got through a hefe and i'm on a #9 now. After reading this, I'll have to try the RR next. So far, so good, but I do have one question about the #9. What is that flavor? There's something in there that has a very distinct flavor and I can't figure out what it is. It tastes like candy. If that's a hop, I'm hooked. Anyone have an idea as to what it is?
its apricot... its actually a really easy beer to make, there are tons of clone recipes out

EDIT: I like to think that this is one of those beers that god himself gave to us to enjoy. a nice pale ale with a hint of hops laced with appricot. delicious!
Apricot? That's the answer? Apricot? That's insanity. It's that simple? (the flavor, I mean, not the brewing process) I was expecting to hear some exotic spice that only comes from the feces of unicorns. Wow, I'm glad I got into home brewing. This is a bunch of fun.
Apricot? That's the answer? Apricot? I was expecting to hear some exotic spice...

Funny how the mind works, I too thought it was some sort of exotic flavor at first, now that I know it is apricot, for some odd reason it is not as appealing. IMO MH No. 9 is like a new girlfriend, great at first, but after a while, it wears on ya.

A nice beer though.
i don't know, i went through a whole 15 gallons of it and it was as delicious the first drop as the last drop. its not an everyday drinker though, you do have to break it up with something else but going back to it after not having it, will be awesome
15 gallons? Did you eat something before you drank all that? I wish I could say I had 15 gallons of beer sittin around, I don't care what it is. That magic hat sampler was good. #9 was my fave, then Roxy, then the hefe, and the odd notion didn't even make the list. I took one sip of it and dumped it. It was a quick reminder of why I don't like stouts. I couldn't even imagine it was supposed to taste like that. Now if anyone lives in staten island, and wants two bottles of it, it's all yours.
yes 15 gallons, and before that was 7.5 gallons of sam oktoberfest and before that was 7.5 of miller (i know i know it was my first keg in the kegerator) now that i homebrew there is no BMC or equivalent that goes into the kegerator!

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