Rouge Old Crustacean Barley Wine

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Sep 1, 2007
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I got a bottle of Rouge Barley Wine tonight, and this stuff is F'ing good. My question is after it has been opened, how long will it keep? It has the swing top, but I didnt know how long it will hold carbonation and stay fresh. I dont want to drink the whole bottle tonight.
Funkenjaeger said:
Rouge is makeup. Rogue is a brewery. ;)

Beat me to the punch, otherevan...hehe, rouge.

OP: it might have some carbonation tonight, but I'm not entirely sure. Even if it's flat, it'll be good though...
It tends to go flat pretty quickly, although it really depends on how much you have drunk already; the more headspace, the faster it will lose carbonation (of course, Barleywine doesn't have all that much carbonation to begin with).

I've got a bottle of this from 2006 in my beer cellar; won't be cracking it for a good long while I think.