rose wine? how to make it

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Sep 14, 2016
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please excuse my very basic question.

I've been making beer for few years now and a friend asked me to make rose. what's a good basic recipe i should follow? I have grape juice (white and red), sugar, and 2 different wine yeast (red star and lavlin ec-118 yeast). I also have some tannin powder. any recipe you recommend? do i need something else?

Jun 24, 2022
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W. Michigan
A rose(the pink wine, I have no idea how to insert the aigu accent over the e) is essentially made the same way you would a traditional red wine(from grapes), except that you then pull it off the grape skins after maceration and it's reached the desired color. Apparently this can be as quick as a few hours.

As a home winemaker, as far as I know the only way you'll be able to do this, (other than buying a rose wine kit) is to get your own grapes, crush them, and then seperate it out yourself.

As Hexa said, you can also make wines with rose petals, or rose hips. JRatcliffs link to Jack Kellers recipes will give you two for rose petals, and three for rose hips.

Though seriously? Peapods(see rose petal recipe 2)? Can someone explain why to me? I assume adds tannins?

Jack Keller Recipe Collection PDF

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