Robobrew Scorching

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Sep 13, 2017
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I encountered some serious scorching on my Robobrew recently and I'm looking for suggestions on how to avoid this issue. I'm using the pumpless version. Haven't had this issue in the past, so I'm trying to identify what I did differently this time around. Oddly enough, I lined the malt pipe with a brew bag this time, so I'm surprised enough sediment made it through to cause scorching. I didn't stir after sparging, which probably wasn't a great plan. I encountered an error code as well, when I began heating the wort to a boil. I should note that I don't apply heat to the mash, I simply heat the strike water, turn off the unit, then mash in, which is how I've executed biab sessions with propane. My grist was also unusual in that it contained about 40% malted oats crushed extremely fine. Maybe I need to back off on my crush. Moving forward, I intend to stir as the unit is coming to a boil and perhaps run off a bit of wort and pour it over the malt pipe to maximize wort clarity. Hopefully that takes care of the issue. Any thoughts?


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May 25, 2007
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New Jersey
My guess is the scorching is actually burnt trub on the kettle bottom.

Occasional stirring as you ramp to boil should eliminate this.

Oops ... just realized I am merely confirming your suspicions:)