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Jul 24, 2018
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Heading to St. Louis, MO, and then driving back through OK, North TX, NM, AZ, and back to SoCal. Please post your recommendations for what breweries my sister and I should stop at on our BeerVenture!


Wood Hat Distillery just outside StL along I-64 is a fun hour or two for a tour and tasting. Micro as they come. Local heirloom/heritage grains.

Schlafly across the river in St Charles has a nice list of rotations along with their standards. Solid beer, solid food. Not the most amazing stuff, but you won't be disappointed either.

Perennial and Side Project are probably some of the most unique StL offerings.

Beer hall vibe at Chestnut. Lots of takes on classic European lagers.

Civil Life puts out very good examples of the classics. Love their Burton. Their brown ale is one of my favorites of the style. D.B. Moody crafted his Buster Brown as a clone.

This afternoon we'll be drinking this:

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We a hoping this comes out like Civil Life Brewing's American Brown. Buster Brown Shoes, like Civil Life Brown, is a St. Louis product, though the cartoon character Buster Brown was not known for his civility. If you're too young to remember Buster Brown shoes: "Get off my lawn!!" 😛
Well, the plan has already changed; guess we are going the north side of the Rockies to hit NorCal instead. So, St. Louis, Mo to Southern Nebraska to Southern Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah to Northern Nevada to Sacramento, CA.

Any suggestions for good food or drink are welcomed!

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