Ro waste water with septic system

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Apr 9, 2018
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Hey everyone ….? ….I will be soon going from public water/sewer to well and septic. I have a US systems Brew T Ro system with a 35 gallon holding tank. Has we all know there will be a lot of waste water coming from the Ro system. Where are you guys having your waste water dump to. Are you dumping it down the drain to your septic or are you sending it to a sump pump and then out or just having it terminate to pipe going outside to a dry well or something or capturing it to use for cleaning.

I will be brewing in the basement
Mine runs down the drain. The waste is simply water with the minerals the RO system filters out. E.g., if your public water contains calcium and magnesium, the waste water will have calcium and magnesium, albeit at a higher concentration than the public water. It won't hurt your septic system.
I route mine to the floor drain that the water softener also drains to. It looks like it goes to a drainage ditch outside rather than the septic tank.
I run my RO effluent into the septic system. Been doing it for years.
Had the system inspected two years ago and it was in fine shape, so I'm not concerned...

I have well and septic but we also have a sump pump in the basement where I direct brewing waste water. It flows to a drain at the road.
I fill 5 gal water bottles and put it in the washing machine. Also I don't use a pressure tank for holding and with a heater and a 90 psi pump I get 5 gal of permeate to 4 gal of effluent. If the washer is full it gose into the sump pump and down to the pond.