RMS MicroMill vs SS Brewtech Grain Mill

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Oct 26, 2020
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I'm curious about the differences between of the RMS MicoMill vs the SS Brewtech Grain Mill.
Overall, why is the SS Brewtech Grain Mill nearly 75% cheaper than the RMS MicroMill? The SS Brewtech model has 30% less capacity, but not enough to make that much of a cost difference.
The features and apparent build quality of the SS Brewtech Grain Mill seem to be on par with the RMS MicroMill.

Also, I notice that the RMS MicroMill uses knurled rolls, when much of what I read points toward large-diamter fluted rolls being superior (which is employed by the SS Brewtech Grain Mill).

So there must be something I'm missing!
Well, for starters the RMS is made in the US and the SSbrewtech is made in China. That alone would seem to justify a premium price. I have no experience with the RMS but I have had the SS for a couple days and sent it right back. It's an overpriced toy at best.