RIMS temp probe position

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Oct 13, 2012
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Working up my RIMS Rocket setup and question is on temp probe placement.

This picture is not my setup, but I'll have one that's very similar albeit maybe not Blichmann's fancy $40 tee. The temp probe goes in through the knurled fitting on top of the tee in Blichmann's setup.

How far inserted would one like to have the tip of the temp sensor:
  • about at the side/outlet?
  • about at the bottom/inlet of the tee?
  • further in, possibly even into the RIMS Rocket housing itself?
  • other?

RIMS Rocket.png
I ordered a 2.5" probe, but that includes the full length of the 1/2" NPT threads.

Given half of so of the treads will go into the tee, that should give 2, 2-1/4" inch into the tee.

I think that will put the probe tip near the end of the Rocket's outlet, yes?

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