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Jul 19, 2007
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I haven't seen too many reviews online of the Blichmann Rims Rocket and controller. Anyone try it?


Jan 14, 2014
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I finally pulled the trigger on the Rims Rocket as i already had the top controller for my boil coil. Like many, a big concern of mine was how to mount the thing. I just ended up cutting two of the pieces of my bottom rack and the rocket sits in there perfectly. I put the setup through a test today with water only and i must say that i was pleased with the efficiency at which the rocket heated and maintained the temp once attained. Ive got a brew day this week and will put it through the paces... View attachment ImageUploadedByHome Brew1480303104.276393.jpg


Steve Trott
Jun 12, 2010
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Indianapolis, IN
This piece will help with mounting. http://www.austinhomebrew.com/HopRo...DiKI2qkJWBRQqHdTqTMnDRgrJFxmeBoQEYaAhq08P8HAQ

I have mine mounted to the concrete wall just above my brewing table. A huge tip: always throttle the flow INTO the RIMS and never after! I found out the hard way. Basically, follow the directions, and do not mount a valve after the RIMS. It looks like Rooster has a temp probe mounted on the outlet, which is good. The controller will keep stationary liquid inside from boiling. But, if the flow was shut off for whatever reason, and the power controller was set to ON, then it could over heat and boil inside the RIMS and potentially blow a hose if plumed incorrectly. That said, plumb with a temp probe after the RIMS Rocket, and always run the controller on Auto.

Just like Rooster mentioned, I'm also really impressed with how quickly this thing heats up. After I have the strike water in the kettle and the pump going, I measure and crush the grain and can usually dough in right away. Disassembly and cleaning is pretty easy too. I rap a rag around the coil at the bottom and spin it all the way up and the gunk comes right off.

The temp control is spot on. The mash is always within a degree. It takes some getting use to though. You have to be patient with ramps and ignore the "overshoot" that you will see on the output. As shown in the manual, the temp will be all over the place, but the temp of the mash will remain steady eddy.

What else to say? Its durable, solid construction, easy to use. I suck at reviews, but I'm very happy with it. At the very least.

Oh... its also a hop rocket. Don't use that as much. But its another feature.