Rice Syrup Equivalent

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Kevin Cartmill

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Jul 7, 2005
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One of my best brews had 1 can of rice syrup in the ingredient list. Since a 2.2 lb can costs 7 or 8 bucks, I thought there must be a way to cut costs but still get the equivalent. Just like going from extract to all grain reduces cost, isn't there a way to just buy rice (which is about $9 for a 25lb bag), do a couple of extra steps, and get the same results? My first thoughts were along the lines of doing a mini mash with about 3-5 lbs of rice but I read in a brewmasters recipe manual that all rice used in brewing has to be cooked. Now if I just need to cook some rice, toss it and use the leftover liquid, that's what I'm looking for. Otherwise, as my luck usually is, there is some reason (or quite a few) as to why it can't be this easy. Any light shed here would be appreciated.