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Dec 29, 2020
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Hello, Ive made an all grain recipe with no outside help and it was odd, but I think I did better this time.
Last year I made a split batch i experimented on 3 ways. one way I liked was my chocolate peanut butter stout. The problem was I used Breiss dark dry malt extract for the base, I was mainly experimenting with: chocolate peanut butter, chocolate cocnut and chocolate strawberry vanilla sweet stouts. All were good, but the strawberry one was too intense of strawberries and the coconut one could used less time on my coconut shreds.
I went to the website of who made the extract and found what was in it:
54% Munich Malt 10L
30% Base Malt
13% Caramel Malt 60
3% Black Malt

I made a recipe inspired by this grain bill, I uploaded a screen shot

In addition to this recipe I rack my secondary onto cacao nibs and bottle with brewers best peanut butter extract.
The carafoam might be too much, maybe I should cut it back to 2% which I might do anyways.
Hops are kinda watever, I think the goldings will do nice as an aroma hop, but im not tied to the williamette but Its something I normally use in sweet stouts, that or nugget for higher OG beers

Im really trying to get down my own "base" recipe for chocolate sweet stouts. from there I can use any variation I want.
also I can share my breakfast stout clone recipe I put 10 or so hours into researching that is a conglomerate of recipes and my most brewed, second best recipe. Next to my extract Heffiweisen recipe using a stepped fermentation. That one is so perfect that trying it all grain would be a waste of time!


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Feb 7, 2013
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Your hops shouldn't matter *too* much.. Mostly bittering. You want malt, chocolate, and peanut butter flavors to stand out. So any late additions should be to compliment, not stand out.

That said, Check out Jamil's Chocolate Hazelnut porter... Threads here on HBT and kit at Morebeer (you can see the recipe sheet on their site).
I've made it a couple of times (w/out hazel nut) and it turned out quite well. He has late hop additions in his recipe...