Reuse 5L mini kegs?

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Aug 23, 2010
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I have several 5 liter mini kegs. The kind where you knock out the small bung inside the regualr bung on top and use the slide out valve on bottom.

It seems they ought to be reusable. They would be perfect for camping and what not.

Anyboyd have details on disassembly/reassembly? Possibly where to find new parts as they get beat up?

Midwest Supplied (which is actually my local brewing supply store) sells the mini kegs here:

They can be sealed with one of 2 bungs. This one ( vents excess pressure if it clears 60psi and this one ( doesn't.

They also sell several devices/setups for tapping/dispensing.

This setup is pretty much dedicated to the mini-keg setup:

If you already have the Tap-a-Draft setup, this little adapter will let you use the mini-kegs with your TAD regulator:

And, if you want a more polished setup, this "mini kegerator" works with the 5L mini kegs:
The biggest thing to remember here is that if they are the type with the gravity tap at the bottom, do NOT touch it! If that tap is opened, a seal is broken, therefore making it harder to carb and reuse because it may leak if the pressure gets a little too high.

Which brands use the gravity tap?