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orion wayne

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May 17, 2024
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San Bernardino County
We used to make our own beer for the restaurant. Now we are using a contract brewing company and it is working out a lot better. With our own in house brewers, which were always coming and going, the consistancy of the batchs varied. Even following the same recipe the beer was never the same.
The coming and going thing certainly is detrimental to consistency, a paradigm that has inflicted locals around here over the many years, most of which are history as a result.

Good luck going forward :mug:
Keeping a staff happy and engaged is an aspect of running business that can be challenging across every industry. If you find all your brewers leaving after a short while, maybe consider what you might be doing as the business owner that drives them away. Think about ways to keep them more engaged and invested in your success. Profit sharing, incentives, a small token of equity, that sort of thing. It may not be worth it if your customers don't care if the beer is brewed on site or not.
Most any food or beverage is more than just the recipe. So for certain if the people making it are changing all the time, there will be no consistency.

There are no beer clubs around me that I know of. But I'd be curious if any beer clubs have times that the members will all brew the same recipe and then see how many come out with the same tastes, aroma and color.

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