request for receipe based on malts available

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Jul 27, 2014
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Below is a list of the only available malts I can purchase in my country (VIETNAM). Can anyone recommend a good receipe based on the below available malt and hops? This is my first BIAB effort and I just want to accomplish a good tasting beer of any style. The fewer ingredients the better as I can only purchase in increments of 25KG's.

Special Malt

(25kg/bags) Wort colour (EBC) Price
1 CARAFA MALT 1 (for Black beer) 800-1000 46.000
2 CARAFA MALT 3 (for Black beer) 1300-1500 46.000
3 CARAMUNICH MALT 1 80-100 46.000
4 CARAMUNICH MALT 3 140-160 46.000
5 SPECIAL W MALT 280-320 48.000
6 CARAAROMA MALT 350-450 48.000
7 PALE WHEAT MALT 3.0-5.0 33.000
8 PALE ALE MALT 5.5-7.5 31.000
9 PILSNER MALT 2.5-4.0 29.000
10 PREMIUM PILSNER MALT 2.0-2.5 31.000
11 ACIDULATED MALT 3.0-6.0 57.000

Hops from Germany
(5kg/bags) Price
1 Aroma Hops 10% anpha acid 480.000
2 Bitter Hops 15% anpha acid 360.000
That's not a bad selection of malts with the 4 base malts including wheat, 3 different L crystal malts plus the special W which sounds like it's a sub for special B. If the carafa malts are not the debittered ones then you would use the carafa I for chocolate malt and the carfa III for black malt. What might be more limiting are the other ingredients. Sounds like just 2 hop varieties to choose from - do you know what they are? And what yeasts do you have available?
Unfortunately the girl at the malt distributor doesn't know.

I have access to Champagne yeast. I have been told it would be wise to buy the pale ale malt and play around with those. What do you think?
The problem with champagne yeast is that it can't ferment all the sugars in wort made from malted barley. Almost 60% of the wort is maltose and maltotriose (source How to Brew). I'm pretty sure champagne yeasts can't break those down. Maybe you can order some quality dry brewing yeast (safale, danstar)?
Hi, the aroma hop is PERLE 10% and the bitter hop is MAGNUM 15%
Good, you started a new thread. ;)

Like we told you in the other thread, get a sack of Pale Ale malt and experiment with modifying that rather than buying 25kg of specialty grains you won't even use. Stick with the "aroma" hops. Perle is a fabulous dual-purpose hops variety.

Yeast is going to be a major problem. Not all yeasts are the same. You really need to get some proper brewing yeast. Dried yeasts are your best bet, because you'll probably be purchasing them from far away.



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