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Jan 3, 2013
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Hey All,

Wondering if I can get a critique of this recipe for a Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter:

Starting point - Who's Your Taddy Porter from Brewing Classic Styles (Brown Porter)

Assumptions and calculations based on - no sparge efficiency of 57%, desired preboil gravity 1.055 (fermentables only)

Single Infusion at 152°
13 1/4 lb British Pale Ale Malt
1 3/8 lb Brown Malt
1 3/8 lb Crystal 40°
7/8 lb Chocolate Malt 350°

Added last 5 min of boil
2x 6.5 oz Powdered PB2
8 oz Hershey's Cacao Powder (Unsweetened
8 oz Lactose

Fuggles 5% for 60 min
Fuggles 5% for 10 min
WLP013 London Ale

Something for SHMBO to enjoy, so looking for anywhere from 5-6%, and on the sweeter side - seems 1/2-1 lb of lactose would help. Want the PB to be apparent, so 2 jars (based on past threads here). Thought of also adding cacao nibs in secondary (plan to do 1 week primary at around 60°, then a 1 week secondary, let more of that powder settle out). Suggestions?

Much Appreciated,