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Feb 8, 2005
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Pocatello, Idaho
In looking for corny regulators, I see several the range on the serving pressure dial goes all the way to 160, way too high for beer use. I would assume that one that goes up to 60, or even 30, would be far preferable, since you would have much more accuracy and resolution in the range of pressures used for kegging beer. So can one just swap out the dial, if it has the right threads to fit into the regulator body? Are there inherent diferences in "High" pressure regulators and "low" pressure regulators that would make it unwise to do so?
As long as you are looking at the port downstream from the high pressure side of the regulator, the answer is: yes, you can swap out gages as long as the port threads are the same (usually 1/4 NPT). Most beer regulators I've seen only regulate up to a maximum of 50 PSI anyway, check your regulator to see what the maximum outlet pressure is. If it's over 100 PSI, then by putting a gage on with a max reading of 60, it is possible to damage the gage by overpressurizing. If you are careful though, it shouldn't be a problem. For homebrewing purposes, there's no real reason to ever exceed 30 PSI and most of the time it will be in the 10 - 14 range.


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