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Jul 19, 2007
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Buffalo, ny
Whats the advantages/disadvantages of the high pressure tank>regulator setup. would it be beneficial for my sanyo or does it just not matter. i think i t would be cool to hook the tank up outside the fridge (to keep the front shelves etc. but that would mean i would have to open up the drain hole more/or even bore out a new hole. anyone use this method or should i scrap the idea all together.
I assume you mean a long high-pressure hose going from the tank, inside the fridge, to the regulator? Depending on how much you pay for the hose, you could probably get a primary regulator for not too much more money and then be able to run a lower-pressure hose into the fridge to secondary regulator(s). Seems a little safer than having a long hose carrying 1000PSI or so.
ahh right, def. makes more sence to do that....and i guess i wouldnt need to buy the expencive reg. hose, i could use the clear tubing. thanks