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Adventures in homebrewing has had about the best prices I've found that is not local to me. I did find a guy locally on Craigslist that will sell them for $41 with a new set of o-rings and $36 if I get a group buy together. Look on Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, and 5Miles. Those are all Craigslist-esque type sites that would save shipping if they're local. Happy hunting.
Bought 2 from AIH a month ago. I believe they were $39/each. These were some very nice kegs. Both handles in tact, not all dented and clean on the inside.
I did see some on Ebay with free shipping but not sure of the condition.
fwiw, I bought a four-pack from AIH @$58/per, delivered last summer, each with a package of fresh o-rings.
Not great but not horrible (and way cheaper than used kegs at my lhbs, I confess).
Three were in excellent shape, one had a wedge dent right on the upper seam.
Still surprised that one doesn't leak, but all four have done just fine...

At kegconection 4 ball lock kegs bundle for around $49 each with shipping included an set of new rings or 4 pin lock bundle for about $30 bucks each.
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