refractometer broken?

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Apr 22, 2007
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western/central new york
I bought a refractometer not that long ago and have only used it about 7-8 times. I brewed last week and had no problems, I was trying to check my first runnings of my last batch the other day and I could not get any reading at all. Any ideas? I have tried to check just water and still nothing.:mad:
Doesn't work? Sounds broken. Give it a little shake and if you hear stuff jingling around inside... it is very broken.
Have you calibrated it lately? Any massive swings in temp from the last time you used it? I think I would start by getting a jug of distilled (or RO) water and following the instructions to calibrate it.

If that doesn't cut it, give the manufacturer a call.

If nothing there, buy another. They're only $30 on eBAY.
do you h ave enough light overhead to see it?

since its just a prism inside, a mirror, and a focusing lens...if you're getting nothing at all, its either a lack of light, or one fo the 3 parts is broken or out of alignment.

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