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Jan 2, 2017
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Just a simple post to compare both yeasts. Please share any pros or cons (or both) for each yeast.

I just finished my first batch of 2.5 gallons (starting off with low amounts as I test ingredients out) with Côte des Blancs. It did leave a buttery taste to the Cider (and a strong taste of yeast). Not sure I would use Côte des Blancs again. The first batch is currently undergoing bottle carbonation, I am hoping that helps a bit with the taste.

Will experiment with Safale S-04 next as I hear this leave more of an Apple taste to the Cider.


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Oct 24, 2015
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I have used both Cote Des Blanc and S04 in batches. I tend to reserve the Cote Des Blanc in fresh pressed ciders at cool fermentation temps ~50 - 55 Deg F. S04 I use when I am making cider from FAJC and target temps more near 65 Deg F.

The Cote does add some nice flavors but if clarified well I haven not had any undesirable yeast flavors. Occasionally I do get a slight ale like flavor with the S04 (could be the ale flavor is just in my head due to the name....) I think its primarily due to the flavors the FAJC provides or doesn't in this case. But have found it can be covered when balanced with some acid, oak and sometimes even a little vanilla or fruit.

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