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Oct 8, 2007
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Plainfield, IL
I am working on a recipe, and don't know what style of beer it will be. How can I tell? I am new to brewing, 3 batches and counting, but know what flavor profiles i am after. But how do you know if it is going to be a porter, blonde, etc. It is going to have a lot of caramel based grains I am going to steep with, and malt extracts, I haven't picked out the yeast strain yet
I hope you don't mind the possibility of making something that is potentially barely drinkable. Making things up this early on can lead to a cloying sticky brew if you overdue the caramels or underhop, etc. It's a lot easier to brew tried and true recipes especially when you're spending all that money on extracts.
I am reviewing all of my ideas with my lhbs, and they are great. home brew shop ltd. in St. Charles IL. The guy there, Ed, makes sure i don't screw up too bad. we came up with a porter recipe last time that smells great. the consern is really appreciated and if not for the help of some of you guys and the lhbs I drefinately would not be doing this kind of thinking. I will pass on the recipe to anyone interested, just let me know.