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Feb 22, 2009
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Western Michigan
Please check this recipe out. I found it on the net and I like the sounds of it.
64 oz pale malt extract
24 oz dry malt extract
10 oz corapils malt
6 oz crystal 10 malt
8 oz corn meal
1 oz liberty hops
1 packet doric dry yeast
Steep the malts 60 min at 155
add extracts,corn meal
hops last 15 minutes

Now my local HBS says it won't work with out mashing the corn meal. The question mash or not mash? My understanding is there will be corn meal flavor. Just the way the recipe was wrote. A search on corn meal beer will show the complete recipe. Is this recipe too hard for a newbie?
Thanks Newbie
I've never used corn meal, so I have no idea why it's in there. But, you'd need to do a mash if you're using it. You'd have to add some base grains in an equal amount and mash it at 153 for about 45 minutes in 1.25 quarts of water (at 153). I'd try something else if you're a beginner and don't know what the corn meal will bring to the recipe. It should lighten the body, and provide no flavor.
The recipe instructions are either unclear or uninformed. Adding the corn meal to the end of the boil as the instructions imply is not correct technique. As Yooper and your LHBS said corn meal needs to be mashed. It also needs to be gelantinized prior to mashing. If you want some corn flavor to an extract beer your best bet would be to do a mini mash with pound each of flaked maize and pale malt. I don't know where you found that recipe but to be kind there are better ones around. :mug: