Recipe wanted: Dreamy Eyes Cream Ale

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Dec 3, 2015
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Apologies to anyone clicking to see the recipe. I'm actually trying to find if anyone has one or close to it.

I was in Wilmington, NC recently and had a pint of this. It's the best tasting cream ale I've ever tried. From Flying Machine Brewing Co., it bills itself as a tangerine, vanilla cream ale, that uses real ingredients only (real tangerine & vanilla bean, no extract or concentrates). I reached out to FMBC to see if they'd share grain, yeast and hops bill, but (not surprisingly) they haven't responded. I was in town on business, otherwise I'd have made it a point to hit their brewery and see if I might get some info from their brewers. I won't be back there anytime soon, and haven't found anything on the internet helpful, so figured I'd reach out here and see if anyone knows anything or if any fellow home brewers in the Wilmington area might be able to chase any info down.