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Jul 21, 2006
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Central Florida
For this recipe I typically use Willamette hops for bitter and aroma. I was not able to get my hands on any, naturally, and couldn't get a comparable replacement. Below are the hops that I have on hand, please advise as to which I should use. Since I have so much of the Hallertau I'm hoping to use those for bitter to save some of the Challenger.

Hallertau Tradition 6% - 8 oz
Challenger 6.5% - 2oz
Warrior 16.4% - .5oz

Here is my previous recipe for a Nut Brown:

6 lbs Light DME
1 lb Amber DME
8oz Crystal 60* (steep)
4oz Victory (steep)
1oz Chocolate (steep)
1oz Willamette @ 60
1oz Willamette @ 10

I've made this recipe twice and both times neglected to keep note of my AA with the Willamette. They're 5.5% typically, right? Do I have any hope of having something tasty with the above hops? .75oz Haller @ 60 and 1oz Challenger @ 10 maybe?

Thanks for any help
I'm not an expert on nut browns, but you might want to go as little as .5 at 60" and .5 at 10.... I don't usually notice very much hop presence in brown ales.

You might even considering .5 Chall / .5 Haller both at 60 minute, and omit the flavor/aroma hops entirely. for reference. Both Southern- and Northern- Brown Ales are intended to have very little hop note.

Basically, too much in the hop line will overpower the subtle "bready" and "nutty" flavors that you're usually looking for in this style.
Hallertau Tradition and Challenger are both spicier than Willamette. Won't matter much on using 0.75 ounce of Hallertau for the bittering, but I'd back off the Challenger to 1/2 ounce. In fact, you could use 1/2 ounce of Hallertau @ 10 instead. You won't have the earthy notes Willamette gives, but the brew should be good.

Willamette's AA% varies more than most hops, it can run from 3-6%.
Great. Thanks for the help fellas. I think I'll go with .5 Haller @ 60 and .5 Challenger @ 10. I'll run those numbers through the calculator when I get home and see if that runs within the guidelines. My starter is ready to go. :rockin: