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Jul 2, 2007
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Highland, MI
I've bought 2 books that I use to brew my beers from. The frist book I bought is the North American CLone Brews book. It is well written and luckily for me the main recipe is in Partial Mash format as that is how I brew currently. For those doing extract or all grain there are adjustments off to the side telling you how much more or less water and grain to use. I then picked up another book called Clone Brews. It looks almost identical to the first one except it has many of the popular commercial beers. I didn't realize it was by different authors. All of these recipes are written for extract brewers with the PM and AG versions off to the side. This is fine except they totally ignore the fact that the amount of water needed changes with the amount of grain. All it says is use more grain, nothing about water adjustments. Very frustrating. Luckily I am using Beer Smith but what would a beginner do in this situation?


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