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Dec 30, 2012
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I found a recipe online that I liked, but I was wondering if I could change it to my liking (aka make it a Heffeweizen) and still turn out okay. It should, but I thought I'd ask for opinions.

Casual Dunkelweizen:

3.3lbs Northwestern weizen extract
3.3lbs Northwestern amber extract
.5lbs crystal malt (crushed)
.5 cup black patent malt (lightly crushed)
1 teaspoon gypsum
1/2 teaspoon irish moss
2 oz. Mt. Hood hops (8.6 AAU)
Wyest Bavariann Wheat liquid extract

This is a dunkelweizen recipe that I found and thought it would be a really good brew, but I don't want a dark beer right now. I was thinking of taking out the black patent malt and substituting with .5lbs biscuit malt (to raise the body and add thicker mouthfeel to the beer), completely removing the gypsum (my water quality seems fine to me), changing my malts from 3.3 lbs of each liquid extract to 3lbs each of DME (I know, its not a perfect conversion), and using White Labs Heffe yeast instead of the Wyeast Bavarian (my local shop doesn't carry Wyeast). I'm planning on steeping specialty grains for 20 min at 170F, turning off heat, dropping to 160F, removing spent grains, picking up to about 180F (whatever a rolling boil is), adding extracts and boiling for 60 min. When 40 min are left, add 1oz Mt. Hood. When 20 min left, add 1 oz Mt. hood. When 15 min left, add Irish moss. When time is up, cool to 68F, fill empty carboy space with cool water, and pitch yeast starter. Primary for 7 days, secondary for 7, bottle using corn sugar, bottle for 21 days, cold crash, chill for 7, then serve. Any thoughts?


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Jul 7, 2012
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It'll be really hoppy with 2oz of Mt. Hood. I'd do it like this:

Batch Size: 5 gallon
Type: Partial Mash
IBU: 10
SRM: 7
ABV: 5.0%
OG: 1.051
FG: 1.013


Partial Mash (154F in 2.25qts water (1.5qt/lb ratio) for 30 min):
1 lb -- Munich 10L Malt
4oz -- Aromatic Malt
4oz -- Crystal 20L

3 lbs -- Wheat DME
2 lbs -- Extra Light DME

0.5 oz -- Mt. Hood (6% AA) @ 60 min
0.5 oz -- Mt. Hood (6% AA) @ 15 min

1 tsp -- Irish Moss @ 30 min

3.5L -- White Labs Hefeweizen Ale (WLP300) Simple Starter (or 1L w/ Stir Plate)

1 week in Primary @ 70F; 2 weeks Secondary @ 70F; Bottle with 4.5oz Dextrose (2.7 volumes); Condition 30 days @ 70F.