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Jan 14, 2011
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West Rutland
It seems new people are looking for a recipe for cider when you really don't need one. So for the sake of having a recipe, here yah go.
Put cider in a carboy. Add yeast. Ale, sweet mead, champagne and English Cider all have been good choices. If you are lucky, you can get wild yeast to help you out too. Let it ferment for a couple of week, at least. DO NOT ADD SUGAR. There yah go. Cider. It really is that simple. You should get between 6-7 percent alcohol.
If you are using fresh press or unpasteurized pressed cider then add 1 Campden tablet per gallon and let it sit for 24 hours before adding yeast. Preservatives will prevent you from getting any yeast to grow, so avoid any cider with preservative.
If you want to alter the taste try mixing your apple varieties. 30 percent bitters and sharps produce some excellent flavors. My personal favorite mixture is 30 percent bitters and sharps (Dabinet, Harry Masters Jersey, Brown Snout and Whitney Crab are available locally for me). 20 percent Esopus Spitzenburg, 20 percent Northern Spy 20 percent Wickson Crab. When my trees produce apples, I'm sure my mixture will change.
Extended aging may help too. I age mine for 5-6 months minimum and up to a year.
I have heard slow fermentation helps keep apple flavors and my basement keeps everything bubbling but not too quickly. I have 6 months for it to ferment so I am not in a hurry.


Oct 26, 2016
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I have to wait on my trees to produce also (approx 85, more than 40 varieties). In the mean time, I travel across Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan in the fall putting together my blend and make fresh cider the old fashioned way on an antique mill press. This year's blend: 60% Cortland (batch 1) or Grimes Golden (batch 2), 20% Golden Russet, 10% Winesap, 10% Bitters (Crabs, English Cider apples)... 11 gallons are sitting in the basement at the moment; will bottle in a month or two. Probably make one batch sparkling and the other still-- like mine dry, no sweetners or other flavors added.



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Jun 7, 2018
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I’m looking for a Dry Still Cider process/recipe to follow AFTER obtaining the juice/must.

Could you provide a step-by-step process for a “1 ingredient” (not counting yeast) dry cider?