Rats.. all my yeast froze!!

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Nov 7, 2007
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Yup.. my fridge went completely haywire over the holidays and when we returned to the apartment yesterday I found, to my horror and despair, that all of my yeasts had frozen..

And I mean frozen, rock solid -15 C. Since these weren't glycerol stocks I'm worried they might have died.. What'd you do? Pull out the month-old yeast I might have in my bottled brews or would you attempt to resurrect the frozen yeasts?

What I'm mainly concerned with here are if this amount of stress (bottling/freezing) might have caused my yeasts to mutate.
Haha, not very much at all... one American Ale, one Wit and then BC1214..

So.. yes.. you're all gonna say "Dude, stop being so cheap, just buy new yeast"..

But I live in Sweden and the nearest LHBS is a stiff hour and a half away, plus I need to take a day off coz they're only open on wednesdays.. and, yeast here is like 10 USD a pop..

So would you do it to save $30?
Try to resurrect. I honestly doubt if in the case that some pulled through, that you'd have substantial mutations. *shrug*. Even if you did, would you notice them?
I would make a starter from each and save part of it for later. Freezing will kill some of the cells, but not all of them & the chances of your starter going wild is relatively small.
You don't need to worry about mutation as much as you need to worry about ice crystals ripping your yeasties to shreds.

You can try to make a starter and see what you can culture up. Now, that's when you need to start worrying about mutations. :)