Rare(ish) oportunitiy for a married guy.. What would you do? Married or otherwise...

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Feb 21, 2016
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So, I brew 10ish gallons at a time,

The family is going to be away for 5-6 days in a month or so.. this gives me a rare opportunity for a few back-to-back brews, I would love to try water from the CFC hitting the next batch as strike water..

fermentor wise, I can probably hit a 15 Gal, 2 x 10 Gal, 3 x ~5 Gal(maybe more if needed)

Production wise, I can hit ~35lbs of grain in the mash tun at ~1.25qts/lb.

I plan on brewing my tripel(10g), 10g of a 2xIPA, which takes up a day of brewing.

I'm thinking of trying the Westvletren XII clone at 5 or 10 Gal. So what else would you brew?

I can(if I am aware of the process, an don't drink too much) do a double batch in a day, and I have a few days to brew.. One of my thoughts was continuing my lambic project.

So, if money for grain, hops and yeast were no object, and you had nothing better to do for a few days, what would you do? Looking to optimize the time available into interesting brews.. Assume I have no other hobbies(which may or may not be true..)

Thanks again...
Nov 26, 2016
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If your focus is on producing as much beer as you can in the time you have available I have a few ideas..

You can brew a high-gravity recipe, then sparge the spent grain again to get a second "small" beer out of it, or add some extract to boost it up to standard gravity; different color extracts can change it into an entirely different beer.

If you brew a big stout you can cold-steep all the darker malts separate from the mash and add that to the first runnings in the kettle, meaning your second or small beer can be a lighter, non-roast color.

Extract brews are another way to cram more brewing into less time; if money is really no object, order a bunch of extract kits and you can bang them out, 2-3 per day if you work efficiently.

5 days to brew without distractions is an incredible opportunity if you plan ahead.

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