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It's been kinda cloudy and raining on and off here the past couple days.
My new pets seem to like that weather...
Wonder what prompted this sign?

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Likely people cutting up drift wood and fencing for their beach fires. My company maintains some fencing for parking and erosion control at public beach. Good split rail fencing ends up in beach fires of the boneheads on a regular basis.

On another tangent, on a beach in Victoria, while enjoying my first cold VB after a day of driving the Holden HR on the back roads. Just making camp on remote beach, and some blokes drive in with a chainsaw, cutting scrub trees around me for their camp or a beach fire. To their credit, they cut a little further away once they saw me. I just waved, not my place to say anything, as I was traveling though their territory.
Another launch from Vandenberg tonight.

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The pictures above were taken with my cell phone and show moments after the main booster (first stage), had separated from the second stage. The second stage was carrying a payload of 20 Starlink mini satellites. After separation the main booster then turned around and landed vertically, eight minutes later, at Vandenberg, so that it could be used again in the future. Amazing engineering.