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Nov 1, 2008
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Costa Mesa
I am selling a bunch of my homebrew items that I do not use anymore (I have upgraded past these items). They are:

-15.5 gallon kettle with welded in port and a 3/4" ball valve $125
-10 gallon round cooler mashtun with s.s. braid for pickup and a 1/2" ball valve $55
-10 gallon round cooler with no mods $20
-SQ-14 propane burner $40
-Counter flow chiller - 3/4" hole with 5/8" copper inside. Approx. 25' of coil. This is homemade but works well. $75
-5 gallon kegs (used but hold pressure - I can throw in new o-rings) $45 a piece
-Corona grain mill setup for a drill, mounted to a 5 gallon bucket with a oatmeal container hopper (well used but works great) $40
-Small batch immersion chiller 5/8" copper, approx. 20' long $30
-Lots of other random items, let me know if you are looking for anything else.View attachment 407543View attachment 407544View attachment 407545View attachment 407546View attachment 407547View attachment 407548View attachment 407549View attachment 407550View attachment 407551View attachment 407552View attachment 407553View attachment ImageUploadedByHome Brew1500133361.186727.jpgView attachment ImageUploadedByHome Brew1500133450.785375.jpgView attachment ImageUploadedByHome Brew1500133462.766108.jpg