Raisin Capsicumel

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Apr 26, 2012
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2.5 pounds honey (maybe a little less)
½ pound raisins
½ dried Guajillo pepper
4 Serranos, 1 with seeds (atually used 1/2 of another pepper, can't remember the name)
Côte des Blancs yeast
Water to 1 gallon

Chop raisins and boil in water to cover for ½ hour, strain, press, repeat until liquid is out of raisins (when the raisin water is cool, hydrate yeast in it). Boil honey lightly with 2 serranos and the dried chili, and add water to cool, pour must into carboy, pitch yeast and the rest of the chilis.

OG is 1.076

The must started bubbling quite nicely after only a couple of hours