Racking with CO2

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Mar 12, 2007
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I’m sure this is old news, but after reading about counter pressure for filling bottles from a keg, I got this idea. Where the racking cane meets the tubing I quite often got bubbles that wouldn’t go unless I added more pressure to the carboy through the second nipple on the cap (used a small hand pump.) Instead, yesterday I tried hooking my CO2 up to it and it worked great. Kept the pressure down around 2 or 3 pounds to keep the cap from popping off. No O2 gets into the carboy and it self primes. After the keg was full, I put my bottling wand on the end and filled some bottles.

The big rubber band around the carboy does a great job of keeping the cane from moving.

I do something similar to transfer from primary to secondary, and then from secondary to keg. Just be sure not to fasten the carboy cap on, it is its own emergency pressure release valve. If you fasten it on you can build up more pressure and the bottle can shatter, they are not meant for much pressure after all.