Racking into Bottling Bucket after Dry Hopping?

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Mar 6, 2005
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Midwest City, OK
I dry hopped my current batch with 1oz of Cascade pellets. First time I've ever dry hopped. I've noticed a lot of the hop sludge floats on top of my beer. Now I'm wondering what would be the best way to rack into my bottling bucket, when the time comes, so as not to transfer that sludge?

I was thinking about using a little muslin sock on the end of my auto siphon.....think that would keep the goop out?

Yep. You can use a Chore Boy or other scrubby pad tied to the end of the racking cane, too. You've got the right idea, though. Some sort of filter thingy attached to the bottom of the cane.
In my experience, the floating hops will sink to the bottom after a week or so. No more than two weeks. Once there, you can begin your siphon well above the settled hops and gradually lower it until you begin to suck up the hops.
The benefit of just waiting till they fall out is that you're less likely to contaminate your beer by putting something in it that doesn't need to be there. The draw back is that over time the great hop aroma that you are working for dissipates somewhat over time.
I meant to add that this stuff will be in the secondary for about 2 months, so by then maybe I won't have to worry so much about it.....