R410a or R22 compressor for glycol chiller

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Which compressor should I use for my glycol chiller build?

  • R22 Unit

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Feb 18, 2020
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I'm wanting to make a glycol chiller and I've got two air conditioning units at my disposal for that purpose. My goal is to make the compressor reach the lowest temperature so I plan on bypassing the temperature sensor.


But I'm curious which unit would work better for this. I know that r410a is able to remove more heat per cycle than r22 but my concern is that since it's a gas mixture it will behave differently at lower temperatures and im afraid it may not work at lower temperatures or that it will harm the compressor.

I have already kinda settled on using the r22 compressor because the r410a unit is more likely to leak when I **** with the lines due to the higher pressures. Does anyone have any experience building a chiller with an r410a unit? It looks like most folks are using r134a and r22 AC units to build chillers with.

Thank you.