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Jan 22, 2013
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Mt Juliet
I'm looking for a solution on my jockey box. I need some quick disconnects, in the beer line, for my beer tap towers. I see quick disconnects for gas, and maybe those might work, but nothing specific for the eva barrier liquid. I need to be able to remove the towers easily for transport.
How is your Evabarrier connected to the tower as far as current fittings, push-to-connector or barbed? PTC fittings are close to being a quick disconnect.
I think one could get away with using JG PTC unions in the appropriate OD (like, 5/16" for the 8mm OD EVABarrier tubing) in a convenient location (ie: not inside the tower column!)



I doubt there'd be any detrimental effects on dispensing...

Duotight 8 mm flare fittings work with 4mm ID x 8 mm OD EVA barrier tubing. Although I've heard that the flare side can be a little tricky so maybe not the best if you're planning to remove the QD frequently. You could also just use standard 1/4" barb swivel nuts, since it's not that hard to get hot water-soaked 4mm EVA onto 1/4" barbs and then fix with a 10.5 oetiker clamp.
You could also invest in tri-clamp or cam lock. I’ve seen 5/16 all stainless ntp pushfit connectors to match them too.
I'm doing a redesign on my jockey box and as part of that switching to EVABarrier lines. I guess I'm just over thinking it. A simple union like above would work fine and be cheaper than what I was thinking. Thanks

I use two towers attached to a wooden lid on top of my cooler. I would like to be able to separate the lid and towers from the rest for transportation reasonably quickly and easily for setup and teardown. Since the towers hook to the wooden top, then to chill plate (now with barbs and pvc lines), it is not reasonable to separate them until I get home to clean, etc. I think those unions will do the trick.


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How is your Evabarrier connected to the tower as far as current fittings, push-to-connector or barbed? PTC fittings are close to being a quick disconnect.
I'm going to have to go with the connecting directly to the barb, as I do not believe there will be enough room in the tower for three connectors. Good news is those barbs are super thin.

I'm also not sure how I'm going to connect to the chill plate as it is pretty tight, seven pass plate. May have to alternate between connecting to the barb and a push-to-connect. Haven't played with that yet.
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I agree as well, unions at the wooden lid seem easiest. I'd have to see a pic of the chill plate as I am not sure in which direction it is tight. Duotight does make ptc 90 degree street elbows if it might help to change direction. I have only used coils in my jockey boxes however. I am unfamiliar with any typical connection layouts for chill plates.
If you want a little more complexity you could attach bulkhead ball lock posts to the inside of your jockey box and then use ball lock connectors to attach / detach the towers.
This would mean no liquid leaks when you disconnected.
But I'd err towards the simple duotight or equivalent connectors mentioned by others above.
Here's my chill plate.
Those are 1/4 swivel barbs correct, so 1/4" flare threads? The PTC fittings are smaller and the lines are thinner as well so no problem with all ptc on the chill plate. You could disconnect right there or use the unions higher up so that lines weren't sticking out of the bottom of the tower when storing.
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