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Mar 29, 2005
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San Diego, CA
Ok, I just opened my primary fermenter, a plastic 5 gal bucket and am going to siphon it into my glass carboy.

I opened the bucket and the kreuesen is still all on the top. Is this ok or should I quick close my primary back up and let it ferment some more?
Either way is fine. Don't sweat it. I rack about a week into the fermentation. Earlier is fine. Later is fine. Never is fine.

The only disavantage I have seen to racking too early is that the bubbles from the fermenting beer choke up the siphon. If it has settled down enough to allow a good siphon then no worries. There is almost always foam at the top when I rack to secondary FWIW. Cheers! :D
Thanks. I siphoned off my brew minus the junk into the carboy and it looks good. Getting some bubbles now, probably from the O2 I introduced during the transfer, so it should mature well now.

Thanks for the advice!