Questions On Transfering To Bottles With A Bucket?

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Jan 24, 2008
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Hey guys just wondering whats recommended when bottling- using a bucket with a spigot with a bottle filler attachment or transferring to another bucket and using a racking cane with the bottle filler attachment after the sediment has settled.

my batch is coming from the primary fermenter, it will have been in there 2 weeks on Wednesday which is when i want to bottle...

what kind of sanitizer should i use for the bottle caps/racking cane and siphon?
I use the bottling bucket with spigot amd filler attachment for bottling. I clean the bucket, autosiphon and filler with Starsan and boil the bottle caps for a few minutes in plain old water.
thanks parker36, ps i just moved back from Ft. Collins what up!

i wish i had ordered some starsan but ill just have to go with an alternative, any suggestions?

by the way, i have my primary downstairs - am i chancing ruining the batch by bringing it up the stairs to the kitchen to bottle?
If you are carrying it up stairs be VERY VERY gentle, and you might be better transferring it into the bottling bucket first to get it off the yeast cake and avoid stirring it all up.

Bleach works as a cleanser, too, you just have to make sure that you rinse it all off. Ignore what you may read about it not being "sanitary" after rinsing with tap water, its close enough for this.
cool, yeah i was planning on moving my bucket up onto my night stand tonight so its already high enough to siphon on wed. ill transfer before i move it, thanks
Well, I do something a bit different. I put the fermenter up on the kitchen island overnight, so that it can settle. The next morning, I rack it to the bottling bucket. I have superclear beer this way, and never risk aerating it by transferring it and then sloshing it around. I keep it covered until I go to rack it.
just moved it upstairs but was very careful,

can i just use a home depot bucket as my priming sugar mixing bucket?
Well, it is so much easier to bottle with a bottling bucket that has a spigot. I have a bottling wand and some tubing that goes into the spigot, and you just leave the spigot open when you fill the bottles. The little bottling wand is spring loaded, so it stops when you lift it, and it also leaves the correct amount of headspace. here's some great info on the bottling process: