Questions on my hydrometer readings

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Jan 24, 2008
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I've taken two readings in the last 3 days and they were only different by .002, the original gravity was about 1.082 and the reading today was 1.022, its been a week and a half since its been in the primary.

im confused how to calculate the alcohol % with these numbers even after reading the How to Brew book. it is an partial mash/extract fat tire clone. it tastes pretty good, especially for not being cold or carbonated! I actually can't believe it... can't wait till its bottled
Hmmmm, 1.082 seems really high for a Fat Tire Clone. I'm wondering if your wort was properly mixed when you took the OG reading. The only reason I mention it is that it may artificially increase what you think the ABV is.
Sea said:
(OG - FG) x 1.05/.79 = ABV

The instructions with my AHB Fat Tire extract says (OG-FG)131=ABV%

Using the 1.05 OG and 1.012 FG that my kit says is average, your method results in 5.05 %abv, and AHB's comes out to 4.978 %abv.

Is your equation a more accurate way?