Questions for the guys with the nitrogen/beer gas setups

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Mar 8, 2007
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So I'm researching into all the kegging now as it's something that I really want to start doing. In addition to the typical CO2 setup I would really like to eventually build in the capability to do a nitrogen tap for my stouts and maybe others.

So, first of all, I get the impression that people first carb the beer with CO2 at low pressure and then use the beer gas to serve it with a stout faucet. What pressures do you guys use? And when you are ready to serve it what do you need to do, just disconnect the CO2 and connect it to the beer gas tank? Probably an easy question but I'm a newb so I just want to make sure I understand.

Second question is about the tank. I hear some people use CO2 tanks with CO2 regulators and then use an adapter. Is that cheaper or better option than buying a nitrogen tank with a nitrogen regulator? I don't fully understand that whole thing just yet. Or is it better just to call the local gas suppliers and ask what they use and maybe rent one?

Thanks for any advice!
I serve already-carbed beer (force carbed with straight CO2) at around 26 to 28 PSI on beer gas.

The tank and reg depends on your local gas supplier. Some people use CO2 tanks but my local place requires nitrogen tanks. Use whatever your local place can fill.
I carb my stouts at 10 psi using 100% pure CO2. Once they are carbed I dispense them out of a stout faucet in which I use beergas set at 30 psi. Works perfectly - nice, smooth, creamy headed stouts !

- GL63
Thanks for the info. I thought of another question. If you have a tower with two faucets but you want one of them to be a stout faucet, is this just a matter of taking off the original faucet and replacing it with the stout faucet or do you have to buy a special tower to use both?
A stout faucet fits the same shank as a regular faucet, you don't need any special adapter.