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Jul 10, 2012
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Saratoga Springs
I posted a version of these questions to another forum but have not received any response - so with apologies:
In the last 24 hours I pitched some lactobacillus brevis WLP 672 into a low gravity mead must (1.050) with the intention of blending this with a similar batch of mead (same starting gravity) fermented with Safale US -05.
1. Should I have pitched the yeast and the l. Brevis together into the one batch?
2. How long should it take for the l. brevis to ferment the mead? The fermenting temperature is about 75F.
3.Will the mead continue to sour even after all the sugar has been fermented?
4. I normally aerate my mead during active fermentation. I have assumed that l. brevis does not prefer air. Am I right?
5. Does the l. brevis need added nutrient (honey is nutrient poor for yeast)
6.Does the l.brevis in fact eat the sugars in the honey or does it require more complex carbohydrates?
Thoughts? Thanks.