Questions about seconday fermation.

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Jan 13, 2009
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I just made my starter bottle and is making my main brew either tomorrow or thursday.

I am using a liquid Wyeast #1388 - Beligan Strong ale. It ferments best at 21-24*C according to the packaging.

I will have a SG of 88-90.

1. I do not have a cold cellar, only a single room @ aprox 24*C. Will I be able to secondary ferment in this room? I read many people 2nd ferment in a cold cellar. What are the major advantages of this?

2. Also, I am using a brewing bucket with a loose lid for 2nd fermation. Will this be good enough or do I have to get one with an airlock?

3. How long should I have my beer in secondary before I add finings and bottle this type of beer?

4. After bottling, how long til I should start drinking it?

Thank you :) :)

1. helps the yeast to fall out clearing the beer.
2. I would definitely use an airlock
3. dont know this one.
4. depends on how big it is i would say. minimum of 3 weeks is what I do.
Cold crashing the secondary just makes the yeast drop faster. It will work fine at fermentation temp, it just might take a bit longer to clear. The term "secondary fermentation" as it refers to racking to a secondary vessel is a misnomer, it should be finished fermenting in the primary (10 days is my absolute minimum) before racking to a secondary clearing vessel, so it's advisable to check the gravity prior to moving the beer. There shouldn't be much actual fermenting going on in there and if you rack too early it will just take longer to finish and clear.
4. After bottling, how long til I should start drinking it?

-- Depends on the yeast used and how good you want the beer to get before you jump into your stash, i bottled a Belgian brown ale 2 days ago and i tasted one tonight, and the carbonation level is surprisingly satisfying for such a young beer, it still tastes very young thought, it will get way better in a week or 3 :)
These are some great responses, thank you!

Would I use fining in my secondary or not? This is a question that is broadly unanswered to me.

Thank you :) ;)

You can if you want to, but it's usually not necessary. I don't use finings and most of my beers turn out pretty clear. Others like to use them all the time. Really your choice.

3 weeks in the bottle is really the accepted time. Sometimes it's done earlier but don't post a "my beer isn't carbonating" thread until you've waited at least 3 weeks. :D