Questions about Beerdroid from a former BIAB brewer looking to save time and space

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May 24, 2016
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Hello everyone,

for many years I was a BIAB brewer and I enjoyed it. I learned a lot and collected a bunch of stuff and even more knowledge about the process. Once I had kids I slowed down and eventually stopped and sold my stuff.

I’d like to get back into it, but I really don’t have the time for a full brew day and would love to reduce the amount of cleaning. I feel like I know the process and got what I needed to out of that experience. My favorite part was always creating recipes and messing around with stuff like water chemistry anyways. I think I’d be happy with small brews and with less cleaning and equipment

I am wondering if the beerdroid would be a good option. I’ve read a couple reviews, but information is scarce and I have yet to find a video that explains the full process. I have a few questions:

I’d like to know about the brewing process. I have read that you can use your own ingredients, but how does it work? How do you do hop additions? How do you remove the spent grains? How do you add dry hops?

There is an awesome deal on it at Neiman Marcus right now. $375, plus 10% cash back so I’d like to grab it, but I need more info. Any insight or opinions you can offer will be appreciated. Bonus points for a detailed video of the brewing process!