Question on Solenoid Valves in Homebrewing

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Mar 2, 2009
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Manorville, New York
I am looking to add some non pilot solenoid valves with Viton diaphrams to my brewery for future automation. I have some concerns and am hoping that someone can help me answer a question. I plan to use 4 solenoid valves in my system. I am not so worried about three of them. One will be on the output from the HLT to the Mash Tun with Strike Water. The second valve will be coming from the output from the HLT again but this will go to the sparge arm. These do not concearn me as they will be working with clear hot water. I am also not concearned with the valve that will feed the plate chiller and then go into the Fermenter as there will not be much solid debris in the boiled wort, and don't have to worry about gravity feed as the valve is a non pilot valve. The valve I am worried about is the valve that is in the Mash recirculation heater loop. When I first start the recirculation loop there will be alot of debris from the grain in the loop until the mash becomes clear. Is it possible for some of that debris to get trapped in the valve and prevent it from closing? Maybe I should use three soleboid valves and let the valve in the Mash recirculation heater loop be a simple manual ball valve. I have no experience with this and was hoping someone could chime in.