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Nov 5, 2004
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JD, I did a quick search and the only thing I was able to come up with was a "water quality" report. Unfortunately these reports are of little value for brewing and exist to reassure consumers that things like lead and bacteria are at safe levels in their drinking water. I can say that the main water source is similar to other surface water supplies in the region and in general the water is very soft and has a very low level of brewing ions. That's good news because it's relatively easy to add required ions to your water. The bad news is that it appears Boston uses chloramine for a disinfectant in their drinking water. Unlike elemental chlorine chloramines are not easily removed and you do want to remove chlorine and chlorine compounds from your brewing water. To remove chloramines it seems the simplest and most popular method is to add a small quantity of sulphite, either sodium metabisulphite or potassium metabisulphite. These compounds are available at homebrew stores either as crystaline salt or in the form of Campden Tablets, a UK product in small pills. If you do a quick search I know there are instructions out there, maybe even here at HBT, for the quantity and method. I will post my water report below. It is obviously not yours but it is from the same general region and I am certain that the ion contents will be roughly in the same ballpark. It will at least give you something with which to do some rough initial calculations. The link below the water report gives a nice primer on brewing water and what are the important things to know.
Have fun with your AG venture. I'm sure you will enjoy it. :mug:

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