Question: Fermentation vessel setup related to internal pressure.

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Aug 20, 2014
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Central Mississippi
I have a new set up that I want to get feedback on.

Glass 6.5 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler --> Large blow-off tube --> Glass 1.4 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler --> Nor-Cal Brewing CO2 harvester kit --> Airlock
The idea is to catch any Krausen in the 1 gallon vessel and push the star-san from the first canning jar into the second canning jar and hopefully by the end of fermentation all the oxygen will have been purged from the system and I'll have two vessels full of CO2 and a third full of sanitizer. That way during cold crash, it can pull the sanitizer back from the last jar into the previous one and there will be enough CO2 in the system to not pull any atmospheric air into my carboy.


My question is about pressures. Is this online calculator correct, that it will take less than 0.5psi of pressure to push the sanitizer from one jar to the next?
Also, is that pressure safe in a glass fermentation vessel?


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@Jaybird? @doug293cz ?
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