Question about Wort left in a HERMS system

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May 13, 2014
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So, I am starting to design a HERMS system and I have to say I am a little baffled by the possiblity of left over wort through the recirculation pipe in the HLT.

Essentially, you pump the wort from the mash tun through a copper/stainless steel pipe inside the HLT back out and into the mash tun.

Everything I am reading is you need around 25ft of 1/2' pipe for the recirculation.

My math shows that is close to 1 gallon of wort left over in the pipe when the pump stops churning :confused:

As you can't run the pump (I use) dry, how do I get the 1 gallon of sugary goodness out of the pipe and into my boil vessel once the mash is done?

Any information would be greatly appreciated as this is pretty much the only thing that I am really hung up on switching over to a HERMS system.