Question about using fresh picked pears & maybe adding to my applewine...suggestions?

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Jul 12, 2008
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Virginia Beach, VA

I am going to my parents house this weekend to help out with some yard work and they have a pear tree that needs to have some dead branches removed. They said the type of pears are more for cooking/canning than eating but I am more than welcome to take what I want...and we have eaten them in previous years, they taste fine.

My question is, what would be the best way to utilize some of these fresh pears if I pick some this weekend?

My idea with some questions:

I have about 20 gal of apple wine going currently(2-5 gal batches in primary & 2-5 gal batches in secondary) and was thinking of adding some of the pears to that. What would be the best way to add them to the apple wine? What I am mainly wondering is if I should add them to the secondaries when I transfer my 2 primary batches? or should I transfer my already secondaried applewine onto some pears in a tertiary(sp)?

Finally, do I have to do anything in terms of cleaning the pears to make sure I do not contaminate my batches? Do I cut them up and boil/pasteurize or something like that?